Autonomy - Balance - Confidence

Rock Freshman Year™ (RFY)

My signature program major is designed to help your child begin their college career on the right track. A successful freshman year sets the tone for success in college and life after college. Unlike other college prep programs, RFY focuses on the entire college experience, not only on academics and time management. Your child’s success depends largely upon making safe and sound choices and juggling everything that comes their way. When this occurs, academic success falls in line. RFY provides your child with the support they need to have a safe and successful college experience.

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Ongoing Support for All Students

Support doesn’t stop after freshman year. Balancing college life is an ongoing component to coaching. And as students move through college, new challenges arise. Clarifying your major, landing internships, creating relationships with professors, engaging on campus, and preparing for life after college are some of the many benefits of working with a coach.

Results You Can Expect

Effective Time-Management

Academic Success

Sound Problem-Solving Skills

Increased Confidence

Meaningful Relationships

Clarity Around Goals

Improved Communication

College Life Balance

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