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Create Your Future!


Congratulations! One of the proudest moments for a parent is sending your child off to college to begin their next chapter. There is so much riding on these next four years. With the cost of tuition and the competitive job market, it’s important to do this college thing right. Coaching will help students develop positive study habits, set healthy social boundaries, advocate for themselves, clarify their major, build powerful relationships with peers and professors, and more. When done right, your child will graduate doing something they love.


You did it! You are heading to college to take the first steps to building your life. I hope you get the absolute most out of this experience and graduate doing something you love. A coaching relationship will help you achieve your desired academic and personal results. Benefits include getting clear on your major, staying on track academically, managing your time, engaging on campus, managing stress and anxiety, and getting in front of problems before they become unmanageable. Nothing is better than having someone on your side to help you handle everything that comes your way.

About Kim

Kim Girard is a professional coach, speaker, author, and personal growth junkie with a passion for helping teens and young adults live extraordinary lives.

A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Kim became a life coach at the ICF-accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. As an Experiential Leadership Educator with Pathways in Education, Kim worked extensively with at-risk youth, helping them connect with the desire to complete high school. She is also a youth speaker and the author of

“Rock Freshman Year: Your Roadmap to the Ultimate College Experience.”

Formal education aside, Kim is a life learner and has seemingly perfected failing forward. She has a PhD in what not to do, which has proven invaluable when working with college students. She shines through her authenticity, humor, and ability to connect. Kim is classically fantastic by simply being unapologetically herself. Through her deliberate kindness, she creates a powerful space of non-judgment where young people feel free and safe to open up and grow.

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