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How to Survive Finals

It’s that time.  Finals.  End of the semester.  Pass or fail.  STRESS. Students across the country are dealing with the most demanding part of any semester.  Papers, projects, last-minute revisions, and exams.  This usually means late nights, extra caffeine and sugar, and little sleep.  All in an effort to store a semester’s [...]

By |2023-05-09T10:48:40-07:00May 5th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on How to Survive Finals

Where the Heck is Point B?

We all know the statistics. 1 in 3 incoming college freshmen never graduate. And as many as 70% of junior college students never complete their 2-yr degree or transfer to a 4-year university. It begs the question. Why? This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of answer. But in my experience working with students, [...]

By |2023-06-01T13:24:40-07:00February 16th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Where the Heck is Point B?

Welcome, 2023!

I have always been a big fan of the New Year.  I’m not a New Year’s Resolution person, but it is helpful to reflect on the previous year and take a close look at what worked and what didn’t.  A fresh start.  A reset, so to speak. This is a terrific time for [...]

By |2023-06-01T13:28:56-07:00January 10th, 2023|Blog|Comments Off on Welcome, 2023!
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